Seacliff real estate info

The area of Seacliff, California, refers to a neighborhood between Rio del Mar, Aptos, and Capitola. The community lies right on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, less than 10 miles south of Santa Cruz. It is known most notably for its namesake, Seacliff State Beach, at which many special events are held throughout the year, including the Migration Festival at Seacliff State Beach and the Cement Ship Festival, which commemorates a large old Naval ship permanently docked at the beach. The ship, formally named the S.S. Palo Alto, was launched May 29, 1919 and was one of three cement ships built in Oakland during World War I. It was brought back to the shores here in 1929 and now serves as a home to a variety of marine life, including barnacles, sea stars, sea anemones, mussels and rock crabs, all of which cling to the ship's sides. Near the ship's deck are many harbor seals, a popular attraction for those who come to the dock.

Seacliff real estate is some of the priciest and most exclusive real estate in the Santa Cruz area. The most recent statistics, from December 2009, show that Seacliff homes had both the highest median price and the highest average price of any neighborhood or city in the Santa Cruz area, at $1.13 million. Seacliff condos seem to fall in a high range as well, with December's median price for a condo in the neighborhood $455,000. The areas around Seacliff are home to tourist destinations and resorts, summer rentals and up-scale homes. Many are beachcomber-like two-story townhouses and beachfront property is especially coveted.

The nearest hospital is only seven miles away in Santa Cruz. The community lies just south of the large Forest of Nisene Marks State Park and it is just east of New Brighton State Beach. It is home to its own Seacliff State Beach and the Seascape Golf Course is just east. The Seascape Village Shopping Center is in nearby Rio del Mar, a wealthy community of about 9,000 just minutes outside of Seacliff. There are many museums to check out on the weekends in nearby Santa Cruz including the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum at Steamer Lane, the University of California, Santa Cruz's Arboretum, the Mission Santa Cruz, the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History and the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History. Santa Cruz is also home to the Santa Cruz County Symphony and the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, California’s oldest amusement park, all of which can be reached in a matter of minutes up the shoreline.